Why are scaled models an essential tool and technique in your design process as future architects?

It is because the scale model is  the best tool to test the  feasibility of the new design. It also helps the designer to produce a more convincing proposal.

Architecture Can make you FAT!!


“We all know that eating habits have a great influence on the obesity issue – but did you know that architecture can be bad for your health too? A thoughtless architecture design layout may minimise the users’ opportunity to perform casual exercise such as using stairs within the building. Planners need to maximise the potential for casual exercise by incorporating features such as  cycle paths, pedestrian areas and ramps into their designs.”


Active design – using architecture to help reduce



“History has proved it. Architecture played a major role in defeating infectious diseases such as cholera and tuberculosis in the 19th and 20th centuries by designing better buildings, streets, clean-water systems and parks.(Haya El Nasser)

Today, obesity is one most urgent threats in Australia  and active architecture design is a weapon in the fight against this national crisis.


The Addition Goal to the Design Proposal

-Doing Exercise Inconsciently


In my opinion, exercising should be seen as a part of lifestyle which is very enjoyable.  Many people fail to perform exercise on a regular bases due the to the fact of treating exercise as a task . Other reasons such as lack of time, money and knowledge are also often seen as the excuses which decrease the willingness of doing exercise regularly. Therefore,  the new approach of the design  is to provide opportunity for users to meet the required health benefits daily exercise volume by simply doing the general activity within the building without additional time. (walking around the spaces, opening the doors etc).

What Can Architecture Do for Your Health?

These are the guidelines that could be used to assist the development of  an exercise promoting architecture.

  • Increase stair use among the able-bodied by providing a conveniently located stairwell for everyday use, posting motivational signage to encourage stair use, and designing visible, appealing and comfortable stairs;
  • Locate building functions to encourage brief bouts of walking to shared spaces such as mail and lunch rooms, provide appealing, supportive walking routes within buildings;
  • Provide facilities that support exercise such as centrally visible physical activity spaces, showers, locker rooms, secure bicycle storage, and drinking fountains;
  • Design building exteriors and massing that contribute to a pedestrian friendly urban environment and that include maximum variety and transparency, multiple entries, stoops, and canopies.


The Essential Exercise Encouragement Features and Space Arrangement

1. STAIR +  RAMP –  

High Calorie Consumption


Studies show that if the average Australian adult climbed stairs for just two minutes a day (six to eight flights), enough calories would be burned to prevent average annual weight gain, says Dr. Karen Lee, director of built environment and healthy housing for New York City’s health department.


As shown in the diagram above, the Stair climbing is one of the most efficient fat burning exercises to address the obesity issue. It has potential to consume up to 500 calories in just half an hour. Therefore, staircases will be the essential  design focus of the new proposal.

Problems of Conventional Stair Case



In most office buildings  and high rises stairs are hidden in stairwells behind fire doors because they are designed primarily as emergency exits. However, this design layout has great impact to limit the usage of staircases which may  lead to a encouragement of lazy user behaviour . In order to maximise the benefit from the stair climbing exercise, a more thoughtful consideration of the linkage design is necessary.


How Do I Transform A Staircase Into A Fat Loss Weapon  ?

– Visibility and Accessibility are the Keys

Stairwell Exterior


The Infamous Stairwell

In my opinion, the solution of the conventional staircase problem can be as simple as increasing  the accessibility and visibility.

bip-stair-1 cooper-union-thom-mayne-morphosis-staircase

Through combining a well arranged staircase design with the friction electricity collector, it could achieve the same goal as the original power gym idea but in a more architectural form.

2. Interconnecting Indoor and Outdoor Space 

Aberdeen City Garden project  agricultural-urbanism_1_ucTTQ_69  islandspa-lead01


The original Interactive Community Garden has  the intention to promote physical exercise in order to address the obesity issue.

Press-Release_LYCS-Architecture_Writhing-Tower_JPG_Page_03Yongsan-International-Business-District-2 imagesCALD4MLW


By improving the interconnection relationship between the indoor and outdoor space could increase the participation rate of physical activity of the design.To achieve this goal ideas such as transparent architecture body, extend interior space to exterior, open interaction space and smooth movement flow arrangement are all performed as the essential part  in the design consideration.

International-Criminal-Court-Schmidt-Hammer-Lassen-1-537x357 fokka_ollila_arto-03 office-garden-architectural-renderings-by-dbox-pict-13


Through incorporating these ideas into the new design proposal, the users in the interior will be able to be aware of the outdoor activity and the pedestrians or outdoor space users can have a good understanding of the indoor program without entering the building.

3. Adding Fun Activity to the Structure





Adding fun activity to the structure is another way to encourage the users to exercise spontaneously. This could transform the image of exercise from a toil activity to an exciting game.

By adding elements such music, games and visible entertainment, the meaning of exercise can be reinterpreted.

Touch screen > Touch Floor !!!

multitoeled-floor-1 (1) images hqdefault


he original concept of touch screen health condition monitor  has been extended to a touch floor feature which increases the interactivity within the building.

TThe touch screen performs as a health monitoring system and the touch floor functions as a fat loss encouragement tool.   Through adding features similar to those in the above videos to the floor of the new design could be an interesting way to promote fat loss activity .The above videos are examples of different possibilities linking together to promote physical activity.

Other Visually Attractive Ideas With Good Potential

The are the examples could make the original touch screen idea more interesting

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